13/12/2012 16:34



The behind the scenes work of Club President Alan Partington has been desrvedly recognised by Staffordshire Cricket at the annual Outstanding Services to Cricket Awards (OSCAs).  Everybody at the club will be delighted for Alan, who now goes forward as a candidate for the national award.  We all offer our congratulations.

The citation reads as follows:

"Now in his eighty-fifth year, Alan Partington, President of Rolleston CC, is celebrating 55 years of unbroken service to the club.

Alan joined the club after moving  from Manchester in 1956. There was then only  one team which  played in austere conditions on a rented ground.  One year later he became treasurer, and the club’s development dates from his appointment.

The first challenge was to find a new pitch after the existing ground was sold by the owner for housing.  A site was identified, but it was little more than marshland.  Alan’s enthusiasm, financial acumen and engineering background were instrumental in developing the ground into what is now one of the best appointed grounds and playing surfaces in the DCCL.

The land was drained and extended over the years, and a brick pavilion built to replace the original small wooden structure.  A garage, scorebox and artificial practice surfaces followed, with money accrued through Alan’s expert stewardship of the club’s finances and with the practical help of members who were inspired by his dedication and energy

He served as treasurer for 37 years, but is still a very active committee member and, as president, certainly no mere figurehead for a club which now runs four Saturday teams and six junior sides.

Alan epitomises all that is best in grass-roots cricket: loyalty to one club, a staunch belief in the traditional values of the game and a vision for the future which has translated dreams into reality.

The club will be celebrating its 125th anniversary this year, an event to be marked by the publication of a history of the club written by Alan. It is true to say that without Alan’s dedicated service, that history would be much less distinguished and very much shorter.

Bob James, Chairman, Rolleston CC"

A second award was received by Tom Rutter for his coaching work.

Full story can be found here.