4ths Reports

Date 24/07/2011

By Featho

Subject What could have been!


The spin doctor does not have the last word

Mick tossed the coin and Dunstall called correctly asking Rolleston play without hesitation. With Keith on compassionate leave and Wardy promoted to the 3s a new opening partnership of Niall Dawkins (1) and Andy Hambleton (10) faced the opening salvo from the Dunstall youngsters. In the 4th over Niall followed a short ball and got a nick to the keeper. Henry Parker (12) looked solid and was supporting Andy who, in the 8th over decided to spoon a catch to backward of point. The biggest partnership of 28 between Phil Tate (32) and Henry was starting to give the runs column a bit of respectability, when Henry received a Yorker that hit the base of his stumps. Liam Goode (1) was once again snaffled up early in his innings and was not out of his pads when Dan Featherstone (0) played a lazy flick that got a leading edge for a simple catch. Adam Roe (0) played a more expansive shot and was caught at extra cover 41 for 2 had become 48 for 6 in 5 very poor overs, from a batting point of view. Mick Acton (8) joined Phil who had move to 22 and saw us through to drinks at 66 for 6. Sadly drinks affected Phil’s concentration and 4 balls later an excellent deliver saw Phil nick the ball to the keeper. The partnership of Brad Hambleton (8) and Mick were back together but this time without the same result with the score on 82 both Mick bowled then Brad stumped left Ben Griffiths (1) and Trevor Foster to try and gain some batting point. Unfortunately Ben was unable to get bat on ball from Dunstall’s young spinner who took 2 wickets without conceding a run. Rolleston were all out for 91 in the 31st over.
As Tea was not quite ready the captains decided to play 15 overs of the reply. Adam Roe (5 overs 2 maidens 0 for 5) started at the prison end with Brad Hambleton (4 overs 1 maiden 0for 3) from the other. With the short session Mick made earlier changes with Niall Dawkins (5 overs 0 for 12 replacing Brad and Dan Featherstone (5 overs 1 for 15) replacing Adam; both finishing their spell after the tea break. However the first break through came in the 13th over when Dan pulled out a poor deliver that the batsman thought he could dispatch to the boundary but only found the safe hands of Phil Tate. The Game resumed after Tea with Dunstall on 30 for 1. Mick Acton (10.4 overs 3 maidens 6 for 32) replaced Niall and Trevor Foster (10 overs 2 maidens 2 for 18) replaced Dan. The young batsmen had difficulty with Mick’s spin? Or is that flight and guile? As the son of an ex Rolleston player left the scene kicking his bat and the floor as he left the pitch quietly to a polite round of applause. Another ex player Lee Mason was next – Mick refers to him as his rabbit and would have taken him out early if Andy Hambleton had not dropped a simple catch in the slips early on. Lee was Mick’s next victim leaving his two sons to finish the game, but like our innings the bowling of Mick and Trevor put their middle order under pressure and they went from 44 for 1 to 54 for 5 in 9 overs Trevor getting his first wicket with a diving catch from Dan Featherstone and Mick taking another 3 wickets with catches from Niall Dawkins on the boundary and Andy Hambleton close. Trevor got in on the act and took his second wicket with another player leaving after being bowled by Mick Dunstall were 79 for 9. Unfortunately the next two ball of Mick’s over went for a 6 then a 1 keeping the experience number 11 on strike. A single on the 5th ball meant the youngster had one ball to face. Mick then beat the bat but also missed the castle, a 4 and a final single saw Dunstall home by 1 wicket; Rolleston 4 points Dunstall 22. For the record Brad, I think Mick deserves man of the match this week.