4ths Reports

Date 31/07/2011

By Featho

Subject Long Hot day - no entertainment



Mick called wrong and Ashbourne chose to bat. Unfortunately that was how the game panned out. Lots of good intentions but the application was often less than acceptable. Adam Roe (10 overs 2 maidens 2 for 25) opened from the pavilion end and was very unlucky not to take a wicket earlier than his 7th over conceding only 10 runs in his first spell. Brad Hambleton (6 over 1 for 25) also took a wicket with the last ball of his spell. Dan Featherstone (5 overs 0 for 31) and Dan Dolby (6 overs 0 for 22) were bowling hard but they never bowled smart. Mick Acton (8 overs 2 maidens 2 for 36) was bowling in tandem with Aaron Harper (7 overs 1 maiden 2 for 36) who took the score from 86 for 2 to 163 for 5 with a 2nd catch by Andy Ward behind the stumps and Dan Featherstone at cover taking another. Liam Goode (4 overs 2 for 16) entered the fray supporting Adam Roe who returned to finish off the innings. Liam encouraging the batsmen to have a go and catches being snaffled up by Mick Acton and Dan Dolby, a run out by Liam in his last over kept the total below 200.
Keith Widdows (11) and Andy Ward (29) were reunited. Keith falling first to a catch, Andy Hambleton (15) following with a similar dismissal. Henry Parker (2) then played round a straight ball leading the way for Liam Goode (3) and Dan Featherstone (6) to do exactly the same. By this time Wardy had also missed a straight one and we were reeling. The two Dan’s had appeared to stop the slide but when Dan D followed spanner 92 for 7 in the 27th over looked perilous. Adam Roe (14) and Mick Acton (22) with a partnership of 40 were again looking likely to save the game, when they both left the scene at 132 and 136 with a little over 8 overs remaining. Brad Hambleton (10) faced 25 balls and Aaron Harper (4 not out) faced 29 balls when Brad was unlucky to see his castle toppled with one ball remaining.
40 extras, players watching the ball bounce rather than take catches, the ball going through slip for 4’s, erratic bowling, players with heads down and several poor shots. For me this was the worst performance of the season so far. But for Brads benefit I will name Aaron Harper as man of the match for a good bowling spell possibly affected by some incredible umpiring decisions (only 2 player under 17 – and Ashbourne were unable to find umpires who understood the laws of the game) The guy who call Aaron for 2 lots of 5 wides came to the table and said I think I gave you the wrong signal they weren’t wides they were leg byes!!!? – No they weren’t the batsman got nowhere near them – byes possibly!!!
Ashbourne 27pts RCC 7