4ths Reports

Date 14/08/2011

By Featho

Subject The club has got depth.


Brandon’s application can not save us

With the summer in full swing RCC appear to be represented in Florida, Morocco, France, Spain London and Edinburgh, providing fourth team opportunities for Bertie Winstone, Brandon Ridgway, Harry Millican and Lewis McQuillan. Playing Walton at Woodville, Mick went to toss; calling incorrectly Woodville, with 10 players chose to bat. Brad Hambleton (6 overs 2 maidens 1 for 30) opened from the Granville End and Lewis McQ (6 overs 3 maidens 2 for 12) opened from the clock Garage End. In his 2nd over Brad was hit for 19 but did take the first wicket. Lewis in contrast bowled tight and in his 5th over conceded two 4s but then took his first wicket, with his 2nd a slip catch from Mick Acton came in the next over. Aaron Harper (6 overs 1 maiden 3for 20) replaced Brad and Harry Millican (6 overs 0 for 20) replaced Lewis. The score moved from 50 for 3 to 91 for 3 in the next 8 overs. Then Aaron’s persistence paid off with 3 wickets in 9 ball for 1 run. Firstly he bowled a dangerous batsman followed next ball by a diving caught and bowled, in between cam a run out ball thrown by Mick to Bowler Harry and then finally a catch to Barry Wynne our little treasurer. As a reward Mick let Barry (1 over 2 for 0) replace Aaron and was rewarded by two similar catches for Phil Tate making a hat trick of catches. Rolleston, after tea, had 67 overs to score 98 runs.
A new opening partnership of Bertie Winstone (39) and Phil Burrows (5) started reasonably well but Phil was pretty bullish about the cut on his tongue following a top edge hitting himself in the face. You might say it was an unusual shot, but not if you have seen Phil play; not to be outdone by the bowler the same shot produced a 4 before a straight ball went under the same shot. 14 for 1 became 14 for 2 when Henry played round a straight one first ball. Phil Tate (2) was next and appeared to be settling in when he drove a ball to mid on where a catch was taken. Bertie was playing his normal game including hitting a 6 across the A511 into someone’s back garden. He too perished when offering up a catch at mid on. Captain Mick (4) arrived with his underpants on the outside, again, but this time it was a false dawn he had dressed himself this time. Mick went to a catch behind and Brad (0) was bowled in the same over. Aaron (4) was next and a couple of nice shots moved the score onto 59 for 6 before a very slow pie was missed and Aaron was bowled. Barry Wynne (7) was watching from the side, trying to work out how this was any different from the pain he had endured all season watching the firsts, when he went into join Brandon Ridgway (3) who by this time had occupied the crease for 51 minutes. Barry took the ‘lets have a go’ attitude a four and then a 3 was a commendable effort but when he decided to play French Cricket Rolleston’s umpire Matt Parker had no choice but to give him the middle finger. At 73 for 8 Lewis McQuillan (17) joined Brandon whose resilience was a concern for Walton who had resorted to a bodyline attack that Brandon had nonchalantly tapped away. Lewis played superbly hitting straight including 2 fours taking the score onto 93 and 5 away from victory, when he played on and was bowled. Harry Millican (0 not out) joined Brandon and played out the over. The opener was brought back on and another rising ball saw the ball presented for a simple catch. Brandon’s brave resistance was broken and the Fourths had been defeated again.
This time there were positives, Barry will tell you about his 2 for 0; Aaron is bowling with purpose again; Bertie a little bit cavalier but a good 39 that should have been more; Brandon’s solid defence batting for 84 minutes and facing 65 balls were all telling contributions. However Brad, today, Lewis McQuillan can take the bow 2 for 12 and almost a match saving 17 are the match figures of a young lad who needs to be playing more regularly.